She's the most amazing friend I've ever had~

Wednesday 28th March 2012

We were at the airport. Me. Her. Good friends of hers.
Trying to hide my grief with a smile when waving her goodbye was indescribable.
Look at the friends. Her friends. Honestly, I was jealous. I wanted to talk to her & laugh with her again but I was no match compared to her friends.
Friendship matters to me when I think that sacred bond is sincere, honest & true.
I befriend with all. Friendly Honey, right?
Honestly? I'm choosy...I only care for those who sincerely care for me.
I could feel whether one is being completely concerned or just showing a mere act of courtesy.

I've never met anyone like her.
So enthusiastic. So honest. So kind. 
So supportive. So positive. So sincere.
So much love.
The name is Syar. Syarnisa. 
As the title goes,she was the most amazing friend I'd ever had....

My eyes went teary writing this.
To Syar, I'm so unhappy that we've lost contact since you went back to Malaysia.
The fact that I don't know how to reach you just disappoints me. Everytime.
I really hope that somehow, someday, we'll see each other again.
Until then, I just wanna tell you that I really enjoyed the moments when you were here in Brisbane.
I couldn't wait to tell you about exciting things that happened to me.
You've taught me lots of  things. Precious things.
I thanked God for our friendship. I'll be forever grateful.  
May God bless you, good friend~

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