Aloha Party!

Saturday 21st April 2012

I'm an RA (Residential Assistant) and I was in charge for the Saturday's Aloha Party...
I'm not a party person so I went there just for work haha :D Well, I was curious too tho~

The ticket! Thanks Dan!
It was fun I'd say.
I just loved the sea breeze when we were on the boat going to the island.
I've got a few friends coming with me so I didn't feel so awkward XD
Thanks heaps guys!
Feeling the breeze guys! :D

My mates :)

Cute wallabyyyy!!!

The dancing people having fun!

Jelly fight woot!!!

Beautiful sunset~

A kiss from pretty Hannah~
It was indeed a new experience for me :)
Thanks Dan, our RA manager :D
I'd never forget this :)


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