Sunday, 31 March 2013

Of mata kucing, senyap and a silver metallic viva~

So, how's everything?
Hopefully everything is good lah no?
InsyaAllah (=゚ω゚)ノ


It all started coz of Twitter. Random...thing to do I guess? ahahaha~
Or, was it because of a book?

Anyway, it was my third time meeting him, yepsss he's still as always~
Sydney, Gold Coast and Kedah.
Um, he has a beautiful home, with friendly parents yang sangat ceria.
Rumah yang cantik dan kemas. *jelly*

"Cantiknya rumah..."
I looked around while listening to his mom's talk about Fossil handbags.

So far, I've never met a person with such opinions...or ideas.
As simple as may I appear, my mind also works the same way. Simple. I can't comprehend complicated things, or else, I'll forget..them.. *absent-minded person* haha~
To what he said, I just responded with an awe & "Ha'ah! Setuju!" or "Betul! Betul!" *saying betul only twice, trying not to sound like upin & ipin*

"I value your thoughts and those responses were sincere."

Lots of people were looking at him, or at least gave him a glance when...
...we walked into the restaurant...
...we were at the mall...etc

"Woaaa...are you that famous?"

I had this thought that of course, his fans wanted to take a photo with him but, maybe they were shy to approach him?

"Mak cakap aku ni memang taktau malu."
If I ever see my fave celebrities at a mall, I'd totally approach them for a photo.
Bila lagi, kan?
..oh yes, I don't mind taking photos for his fans coz..
Bila lagi, kan?
They say, when you make others happy, you'll feel the same way too :)

I enjoyed the nasik ayam, Bola Kampung the movie and the Starbucks chat.
If it was a date, it was a magnificent one I'd say :D
Eh, please don't get the wrong idea, we're friends & I really respect him.

"So girls, he's interesting. If you're gonna date him, just please don't waste that rare opportunity. Blimey, he's an amazing person, absolutely one of a kind :)"

For all these, I just wanna say Alhamdulillah and...maybe it'll be sup daging Kedahan style instead of a glass of sarsaparilla drink next time? Hew hew hew~

3.45 pm
31st march 2013