Astro Rasa Halal Brisbane?

Saturday 28th April 2012

The perks of being a Brisbane International Student Ambassador?
Film shoot! Woot! Woot!
Thanks Study Brisbane & of course, Heliza Helmi and Astro Rasa Halal crew.
Thanks for having me around haha :D
It was a magnificent experience! *grins happily*

You can watch the trailer here :)
My screen time is just a few mins but no worries, the experience itself is just so precious mannn :D
Oh yeah, it was on air in Ramadhan 2012 on Oasis Channel 106 :)

Screen shot from Astro Oasis - credits to Paih's friend
More photos? Sure~

Kick start at Long Pine Koala Sanctuary
Snakes are cool yo!
Nice pose Emu!
The awkward moment when I couldn't translate what I wanted to say in Malay...
Was it summer coz mom said I look alot darker on tv... =.=''
Film shooting is fun actually :D
Would love to be more involved someday insya'allah!
Feel free to ask me questions regarding student life in Brisbane & etc here.
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Vlogs? Haha..nahh but I have a new youtube channel here.
This is a new blog of mine so thanks for reading :D


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