Broncos Petero Civoniceva's Final Match

Friday 31st August 2012

It was my first time watching a Broncos v Panthers match.
A group of BISAs and me headed to Suncorp Stadium after having a dinner + enjoying a surprise birthday cake for me :D
Surprise birthday cake! Thanks everyone!

I was so excited as I really wanted to watch an official match since I was in high school tho I had no idea about how it's played *sorry* XD
Handsome Panthers lads!

Intense game~

Panthers was leading by 6-0 and I could see the solemn faces of the supporters as I was taking photos.

 However, the game ended with victory on Broncos' side with 19-12! Congrats! XD 

Up! Up! Horayyyy!!!

Kodak Moment <3

Oh yeah, with the game ending with Broncos' triumph, we enjoyed ourselves dancing and running happily on the grass field! Woohooooo!!! 


More info??? Feel free to click on these links :D

Brisbane Times: Live: Broncos v Panthers 


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