Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Simple Happy Moments

I'm sooo super super happy right now & I really feel that I seriously should write about it. Well, guess it's one of those days which take your breath away aye? Oh yeah, this entry is from my iphone coz I've got no pc but I seriously wanna write about it. Yeaaa coz I'm happy like that. Haha!

First of all,it started with a Twitter reply from Alex Williams last night. Who's Alex Williams, yo??? *Jesse Pinkman's voice*
He's an Australian actor who stars in Undrground: Julian Assange Story.
Then again, who the heck is Julian Assange, yo?????
For God sake,just google it will ya?!
Lols man...just kidding~
Julian Assange is an Australian hacker, one of the most wanted people on earth. Some might see him as a criminal but for me, he's awesome and he just wants mankind to know the truth, yo! Yeah, this is a real story ladies and gentlemen. Embrace it. Watch the movie and you'll fall in love with Julian Assange & of course, the young and gorgeous Aussie actor, Alex Williams.
Anyway, this is a screen cap from Twitter. *hoping that the image will appear here not elsewhere*

Secondly, I ran into my handsome Brit neighbour, Sammy earlier today and my Aussie actor neighbour, Nick in the evening. Nick was talking about having KFC with his housemates for dinner & I was like...mannn I should totally have this finger-lickin-good chickens yo!
Ran into Ying & we went straight to nearby KFC for dinner *winning*
There, sat there three familiar faces, having fun and laughing. Omg! Nick, Sam and Ben! We had a quick chat & left coz I totally didn't want Ying to wait. We went to woolies sice she wanted to buy milk.
Oh hello, Nick & Sammy again~
I walked to the aisles with them & had these fun chats. These guys are hilarious! Nick with his charming-sweet talks & Sammy,oh Sammy...I just love your British accent *super-thumbs-up*
Nick was joking about having kids together. Mannn...I would totally fall for that if you were serious *damn right*
Aussie boys, they're sweet talkers you harm done, you'll just love what they say. As simple as that.
Anyway, we passed by a yogurt shop named 'Berry Me' so I said "Berry me?" with an intention of "Hey, anyone's up for Berry Me yogurt?"
Nick was like "Marry me?" "I'll do all the acting and you'll do all the cooking."
Classic Nick. Sweet. Well, we continued talking about having me at their place for dinner someday *tell you Aussie guys are so sweet, not to mention they're super decent and fun too - bf/hubby material yo!*
Continue...and about how Nick could get involved in film industry as an actor, how the modelling will do good to our tall handsome English gentleman, Sammy boy and some other stuffs. It was quick before Sam left to watch footy and I bid Nick with "I'll see you on tv soon!"
Love these boys, should totally have a movie sesh with ice-cream someday!

Another thing that made me happy?
Owww yeahhh, as Nick would say how I do love boys, I'll talk about girls too, yo!
Lizzy, the super-sweet Aussie girl ever just gave me late birthday presents. Yeah, presents...plural, yo!
They're Typo merchandises! Ain't a hipster but I just love all these vintage stuffs! Oh Typo is quite expensive. So getting Typo stuffs would really make as happy as a lark! Thanks heaps lizy! You're awesome!!!!

I should totally get a pc to add caption to these photos & rearrange them. Oh well, I should continue watching Breaking Bad now! Ta! XD Please pray for me to get married to an Aussie guy with blue/green eyes ya? Amin~ :P

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