Amazing April Aye!

All of these entries will not be featured on my official blog but I just want them to be memorised here :)
Blog entries on major events will be up here, on my official Brisbane International Student Ambassador blog site. Feel free to have a look ya! :D

QUT EastWest Ice-skating Sesh~
Tuesday 10th April 2012

Ice-skating? Naahhh..never liked it..why?
Are you kidding me? Of course the reason is "I don't know how to ice-skate!"
If I'm good at it, do you think I'll hate it? Heck no...Ice-skating is soooo cool especially when you know how to spin around and do the tricks! Awwwwyeaaahhhh!!!
Jci and her Russian boyfriend, Andrei
Meet Valentin, a lovely French lad who took my picture while I was skating (must be a horrible shot lol)
The rest~
Lovely Kirra <3
and....the day was completed with a baking sesh with my mates, Tim and Jack! :D can't have a very high expectation when baking cookies with boys right? *okay, guys if ever read this,you're awesome...I'm just kidding lol*
Who needs swag when you can bake chocolate chip cookies!

Turned out so well!

Of Tim, Jack and the Tom Yam~
Wednesday 11th April 2012

I always, always came over to my mates' place, yeah...
My lovely Aussie friends, Tim and Jack...nice to meet you everyone!
However, this would be their first time coming over to my house, since I didn't wanna trouble my housemates coz these two are guys and my housemates are all girls.
Anyway, I cooked Kuey-tiaw Tom Yam and omelette for them and prepared ice-cream for dessert.
The dinner was good, except...since I didn't know their level of 'spicy-food' so...they told me that the Tom Yam was spicy when I put no chilli at all....oh Caucasian friends, I'm so sorry~
Special omelette for you guys!
Dinner in my room, thanks for coming! :D
Futurama the movie~
Eating kuey-tiaw just like that...seriously?
Caramel ice-cream & kit kat for dessert :3

When your Christian friend tries to dress up as a Muslim girl...really Tim? Really...

Easter Treat <3
Thursday 12th April 2012

I wanna introduce you all to my super-nice Aussie friend,
tadaaaahhhh....His name is Alex, say hello to him everyone! :D
We met at the library & guess what I got...Easter bunny & Cadbury pack! Thank youuuu!!!
Then, we had lunch together at Carraway Pier! Yummmm!!!
Housmates coming home, I sweet now? :P

Tuesday 17th April 2012

This would be my third concert in my life so far but the first one of my own money~ haha! :D

Fish soup tastes yum aye?
Thursday 26th April 2012

Alex always brings me to a very nice restaurant for lunch or dinner :)
This time, we went to Jackpot Noodle in the city~
Everything's ready! Ittadakimasu!
Mine: Spicy fish soup with a bowl of rice & complimentary soup~
Yummmm dinner! Thanks Alex! :D
Pretty much all these sum up my amazing April 2012.
There are heaps more that happened but these are the ones that I love :)

Written on,
Monday 1st October 2012


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