Tuesday, 9 April 2013


Everyone knows who T.O.P is, right?
One of the biggest hallyu stars, a sparkling diamond of a Kpop band named Big Bang who owns a magnificent, heart-melting voice.

I dreamt about him last night. *total shock*

I'm not a fan..nor did I think about him before I slept. No. I just..don't know.

I forgot how it all started but I remembered having a dinner with him at a fancy restaurant with his other band mates & a few hardcore Big Bang fans.
Somehow, I ended up sitting next to him. Eh?
Well, we talked and talked. Of course we really enjoyed our conversation as I could see him laughing earnestly and smiling continuously. Gorgeous. Oh, we really did have fun :3
The night resumed with him putting his long legs next to mine while talking and laughing. Others were looking with jealousy but I didn't bother coz...man, we were talking about Doctor Who for God sake! Haha!

As how other beautiful dreams didn't last forever, mine was also leading to an end.
I watched T.O.P left. Oh, but..wait! He walked into a jewelry shop nearby and bought a ring.
He looked at me and with his dazzlingly handsome voice, he said,
"There're so many people here, let's go somewhere else!"
This young adonis then walked away, letting me slowly tip-toe, following him from behind.

I glanced at his firm shoulders, at his lustrous sky blue celeste hair and wondered what would happen next.

I happily strolled down the path we were heading to without realizing that I tardily stepping back into the reality.


The white ceiling. I stared at it blankly for a few seconds. Feeling totally in a daze. Oh, the numbness.
The numbness that made me hate myself for a little while. Why did I wake up? Why did I open my eyes?
The numbness of getting my high hopes shattered to pieces. Broken. Scattered and tattered.

I tried so hard to close my eyes and let the slowly-fade-away memory stir in my mind.
Disappointment found me.
I lost in the battle of a brilliant dream..


Self-reflection: So..my splendiferous dream was crushed to disordered pieces coz I broke my plan to fast today? Astaghfirullahalazim T______T

11.11 am
9th April 2013
*credits for pictures: world-wide web*

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