Thursday, 12 September 2013

Play. Fun. Happy.

It was fun yesterday!

Well, the Year 6 students are sitting for their UPSR this week so the other students either stay at home enjoying their hols or come to school and play at the hall/field.
I didn't go to the hall with the kids yesterday as I was busy helping the music teacher with the mini-studio (in return, I got to learn how to play drum! How cool is that? Haha!)
So, I went to the hall yesterday, along with the other prac teachers.
I wandered around. I saw a basketball.
I picked it up, went outside and started dribbling.

"Ohh..this is fun."
Yeah, I couldn't even remember when was the last time I ever played this..first year in Brisbane?
I don't, I went to the prac & new teachers and asked them if they wanted to play..actually, all of them voted for netball (man..) but still, we went downstairs and started to plan how were we gonna play it since there was no netball court.
They were busy talking and then I saw something at the building nearby..

"Basketball court! Hey, we have a basketball court at the gym!"
..and thus, we started playing a fusion of basketball and netball ahaha~
We had a fun time playing and after a while we stopped.
I was tired but the thought of playing really intrigued me so I continued dribbling around and shooting.
Well, I was never a fit kid so I never really got a chance to play anything at school. My first time playing this game was in high school..form 3? form 2? PJ time..then, I asked my teacher if we could play it again for the PJ time..I'm pretty sure she said yes..but hey, I finished my form 5 and no basketball during PJ time ever since that day..I know..I still remember this coz I was damn frustrated mann..haha

Anyway, all the teachers went to the hall after we finished playing.
I was bored so I took the ball with me and went to the volleyball court outside with two students from my class who happened to be around at that moment.
My Chindian kid joined me too so there were 3 students altogether with me.
I taught them how to play basketball eventhough I know nothing haha~
Just dribble and shoot would be enough for now I guess :P
So, we played for a while and more kids joined us so I left the ball with them and went to the field.
Some students were playing rugby, practising throwing the ball and all while others were having an inter-class football match.
Called up a kid and said "Hey, wanna teach teacher how to play rugby?"
Again, more students came and I left them to play and went to the football kids.
There, they taught me how to kick the ball properly. Fun! XD
Ryan and his friends were really enthusiastic to teach and give me the chance to play.
We played until it was time for us to go for recess.
I was walking and talking with my students when Ryan turned around and said that he wanted to join me for recess. Yeah kid, sure! (it was rare for him to say that to me, unlike the other kids thus, the highlight lol)

Uno sesh took place after recess and I had a chance to spend time with my Chindian kid more than usual :3
We played and talked.
A notorious kid from other class took my iphone and ran away so, like Joffrey with his king's guards I shouted "Chase him!!" and my students did. Indeed, it was funny!
Izriey, a student from my class suddenly held my hands like we were in a Korean wrestling. I didn't know what he was doing so I swept his leg and tripped him down (I held his hands so he won't injured his head as he fell on his back). Ryan, who was sitting nearby looked at us with an amazement and started to clap his hands, uttering compliments. Haha, really kids? I should really be like that Gokusen teacher right? Haha :P

Today was tiring but it was helluva fun!! (which caused me to sleep early and missed my mom's call lol)
What really made me think was the moment when those students were so eager to teach me what they know and really give me the chance to try out what I've kids, thanks for this :')

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